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498T vs. Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB. Discussion in 'Pickups' started by EbonySG643, Nov 8, 2009. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > EbonySG643 New Member. Joined: Nov 7, 2009 Messages: 8 Likes Received: 0. Hi folks, I was wondering what you all thought of these two pickups (498T & Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB) I am looking to replace my original bridge pickup in my SG std. Which has better sustain? Which has. Hello folks! In today's video I shootout the SH4 (JB) from Seymour Duncan and Gibson's 498T pickup. Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments! Check out my channel for more.

498T vs. Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB EverythingSG.co

  1. 490r 498t vs sh1 sh4 for hard rock, metal and articulate cleans Gibson 490r 498t Votes: 3 The 498T can growl and has decent clarity, with a couple of effects, you can get good metal sound. I felt that I was getting decent Metallica and Zakk Wilde sounds. I think the 490R is so-so for a rhythm pup. the 490R was pretty muddy (not a little muddy). I wasn’t too impressed with the sound.
  2. 498T/490R vs. seymour duncan 59 sh-4 in 335 copy and super champ When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more 📝 Reply OPTIONS. 6th April 2010 #1. skiroy 🎙️. Lives for gear . My Studio. 498T/490R vs. seymour duncan 59 sh-4 in 335 copy and super champ.
  3. 13.3.2018 3:33 [] Re: 498T vs 500T musim se smat te nasi diskusi, jak me tady kolegove malem umlatili argumentama, ze 498T vs 500T je MNOHEM vetsi rozdil, nez 498T vs SH4...

490R/498T is a more versatile choice, that's what I have on my SG, I prefer them over 490R/490T I had on my Les Paul (I've changed them a few weeks after). 498T has a great output, a good definition and a nice grain, but it could be too trebly sometimes, high output can also be a problem. It's a good pickup for a more modern rock vibe. A good. stock Gibson 498T(?) vs Seymour Duncan JB. Thread starter amdowell; Start date Jan 20, 2015; amdowell. Supporting Member. Messages 5,691. Jan 20, 2015 #1 A buddy of mine has an 80s Seymour Duncan JB that he's looking to sell and I was wondering your opinion on whether it would be an upgrade to my stock 93 Les Paul Standard pickup (which I believe is a 498T). G. glepko Member. Messages 219. Jan.

Burstbucker Pro vs. 498t vs. JB vs. SSH+ vs. Fred vs. Norton vs. Dragon II vs. F1 vs. EMG 85 vs SEYMOUR DUNCAN SH6 DISTORTION vs SH4 JB - Passive Bridge Pickup Guitar Tone Comparison / Review. Hello! I'm playing a Gibson LP Studio with the stock 490r neck and 498t bridge pickups and really liking the tone. However, my friend is replacing the pickups in his guitar and is offering me a Seymour Duncan JB bridge pickup for free. I've searched and cannot find much info, but from what I've.. Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008Bridge positionMesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo HeadOrange PPC412 cabinetSm-57 mic

Seymour Duncan JB vs

Another comparison of my guitars/humbuckers, which I mainly recorded for me but I thought it would also be interesting for others to listen. All guitars ar.. I can't comment on the 498t/490r in a Les Paul, but I have the 490t/490r in an SG and they are wonderful. I mention this because it seems a lot of people don't believe the Gibson pups are any good and must be replaced. I was so surprised at the beautiful and versatile sound of these pups that the guitar has become my number one. Great cleans and a wonderfully mean, crunchy distortion. Of.

Cette vidéo traite de SG GIBSON 490 VS KIT JB SEYMOURmy sg is much more alive with the series jeff beck and also with the split that gives more of his differ.. Re: Gibson 500-T vs. Dirty Fingers vs. Duncan SH-6 Distortion... I have two 1960 Classic Les Pauls that had the 496R/500T pickups and I eventually swapped them. One guitar got Antiquity HBs, the other got 50th Anniversary A2 Seths. Now that was a good change FOR ME. I did it because the Gibson pickups were just TOO hot for my Mesa amps--I was. Seymour Duncan Guitar Pickups, Bass Pickups, Pedal

SH3 probably has more mods, but sh4 have mods comparable to GWX etc cheers < > Showing 1-1 of 1 comments . Benzin. Sep 19, 2017 @ 7:43pm I would suggest you play SH3 first. If you get used to the nicer graphics of SH4, and then try to play SH3, its gonna feel very outdated! In regards to difficulty, i dont think one is harder (or easier) than the other. Honestly, there is a learning curve. Partie SH4 en live ce soir (2 réponses) Moder Sh4 sous Win 10, pas gagné (5 réponses) Sous Win 10 quel JSME utiliser (3 réponses) SH4 et WIN 10 (16 réponses) PB clé de licence SH4 suite mise a jour W10 (0 réponses) MOD amélioration graphisme (3 réponses) Nouvelle installation problématique ! (33 réponses

490r 498t vs sh1 sh4 for metal

  1. Le SH4 récent, je dirai qu'a coté, sonnait tout plat, gros niveau (trop, beaucoup trop, plus de 16k !), pas de caractère, un son plein et droit mais sans intérêt En gros, si vous cherchez un SH4, choppez vous un vieux ! 04 / 01 / 2020 liuo sur Seymour Duncan SH-4 . A essayé ce modèle . Avis général . Bon micro pour faire du rock année 70 mais je préfère largement Dimarzio et le.
  2. Petit bemole : les harmoniques ne sortent pas aussi facilement qu'avec le SH4 que j'ai sur une autre guitare. Sur le canal clair, le son obtenu est très cristallin et avec l'ajoût d'un peu de chorus et de réverb, les arpèges sont magnifiques. En conclusion, ce micro correspond parfaitement à mes attentes, si ce n'est qu'il est un peu en dessous du SH4 pour sortir les harmoniques. hormis.
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Sur ma sg ça sonne chaud et clair +harmoniques: parfait mais, peut -être que le 498t est loin derrière un sh4 ou sh6 j'avais aussi une g400 et ça n'avait pas un beau son clair même avec un sh1-sh6 mais, je m'éclatais grave en satu autant en manche (sustain , chaud et velouté si on peut dire) qu'en harmoniques, sustain et puissance avec un sh6 conclusion: essaie ! oui mais, un sh4 aura. - j'ai essayé les 490R / 498T Au final je trouve que ce qui me va le mieux c'est SH2 (jazz) / SH5 (duncan custom). Ça passe pas trop mal avec le 498T aussi. Mais je suis encore un peu en mode éternel insatisfait alors je vais essayer de bifurquer en testant le kit 57/66 de EMG. Haut : vincejack Special Total utilisateur. Inscrit le: 29 Jan 05 Localisation: Lyon # Publié par vincejack le.

498T/490R vs. seymour duncan 59 sh-4 in 335 copy and super ..

Seymour Duncan SH4 vs Gibson 498T Contains tracks. Macho - Seymour Duncan SH4 (guitars) by hyenik published on 2011-12-24T09:48:40Z. Macho - Gibson 498T (guitars) by hyenik published on 2011-12-24T09:49:54Z. Macho - Seymour Duncan SH4 (full mix) by hyenik published on 2011-12-23T19:30:51Z. Macho - Gibson 498T (full mix) by hyenik published on 2011-12-23T19:26:26Z. Yamaha RGX520FZ by hyenik. for example a sh1 vs 490r vs paf pro a sh4 vs tone zone vs 498t but the test can't be interesting if the guitars was different. Tags: None. Mincer. Administrator. Location: Tampa Bay area, Florida, USA; Join Date: Mar 2004; Posts: 28660; Share Tweet #2. 04-27-2016, 09:18 AM. Re: Dimarzio vs Gibson vs Seymour Duncan pickups I know I hated the 490 set when I had it. But that is all I can help. what i notice is the 498t can be like a SH4 so good for rock but they put burstbuckers pro and classic 57+ that's why for the price of the guitar i don't know 10-05-2016, 05:13 AM #16. Darg1911 . View Profile View Forum Posts Mojo's Minions Join Date Sep 2014 Posts 3,563. Re: Gibson 2016 Traditional vs Standard. Originally Posted by always SD. but i don't know how to change the pickups what i.

I like the 498T because I tend to play lots of full chords with lots of distortion, so a little extra treble tends to help the notes stay a wee bit more defined. The 498 is asymmetrically wound, which has the effect of making it ever-so-slightly less humbucking, which can add a bit of brightness at the expense of a slight decrease in hum cancelling. The Alnico V magnet also tends to add a bit. or trad/ vs standard? i don't know you changed the pickups so, i don't understand why they don't add a super distortion a sh4-sh5-sh6 instead of the 498t if it's not perfect with a floyd rose stillrockin, Jul 21, 2016 #17. custom53 Well-Known Member. Joined: Sep 29, 2009 Messages: 1,887 Likes Received: 953 Location: Ohio. stillrockin said: ↑ very good ! i can have a LP custom shop axcess. 490r/498t pups VS BB Pro pups. saintzband replied to amigator's topic in Gibson Gear. Years ago I went on my sound adventure. I had my LP Standard and a Fender Twin and wanted that classic rock sound. Nothing worked. I changed out the 498 for some Classic 57's - (they worked so well ion my SG Supreme - sigh) disappointing. Then I bought the infamous SD SH4 JB pup. Still disappointing. Then I. The 498T I put back in there sounds a bit thin, but so did the Dimarzio Super Distortion and Rio Grande BBQ I had in there before. To make the sound thicker should I move the pickup closer or further from the strings? Re: JB pickup in a Les Paul Bridge. Tue, Feb 26, 2008 1:29am. That is what is mine for the last 6 years. The JB ( The pick up - not that guy from the Midwest )has been my main PU. Full Shred Set vs Full Shred Neck/'59 Bridge. by ryanpullin. I was wondering if anyone has tried this specific comparison back to back, or at least tried a 59 in the bridge with a full... Channel: The Pickup Lounge. Yesterday, 09:25 PM. View All. trending. Collapse. Carl Martin Plexi-Tone: yea or nay? by Flores_68. I'm considering the pedal above for crunch to be placed between my Gibson Les.

TĂ©ma: HELP - Gibson 498T vs

Custom Humbuckers From The Seymour Duncan Custom Sho The ESP is the JB, my Gibson has the 498T, and my Epi has a Rio Grande BBQ. I can have the same exact settings on amp and pedal, and get a different tone from each guitar. I love that I can do that! I played around some more with the Alnico II with the JB. It is like mixing two different worlds together. I can go from the aggressive and rude JB to a mellow and sweet sound with the Alnico II. I've tried the JB I believe 3 times in 3 different guitars. The end result is I didn't like it. There are other A5 equipped pickups that I believe are better. Two different Gibson Vs and one LP. IMO the Gibson 498t is a far better A5 equipped pickup..much clearer sounding...more articulate, however not quite as strong. The JB has plenty of.

Après moultes recherches, je suis tombé sur les micros SD, et j'envisage d'installer le couple mythique SH2/SH4 ou SH1/SH4 Je voudrais savoir ce que vous en pensiez, et votre avis comparatif Classic 57 - Burstbucker Pro - SH2/SH4 Merci amis gratteux de tous poils ! A. 16-06-2013 Réglages son guitare AC/DC - 34 message Gibson P-498T Zebra. £88. Rank 25350 . 48 . Gretsch FilterTron HS Pickup Bridge NI. £75. Rank 2432 . 72 . DiMarzio DP228F BK. £78. Rank 24105 . 49 . DiMarzio Crunch Lab DP228 BK. £78. Rank 18940 . 32 . DiMarzio DP 158FBK Evolution Neck. £78. Rank 21838 . Mojotone 59 Clone Humbucker Set AN. £203. Rank 45411 . 32 . Gibson P-498T NC. £89 . Seymour Duncan Psyclone Vintage Bridg B-Stock. £.

490R Humbucker, 498T Humbucker or Burstbucker Pro

  1. P-498T NC. Compare. Gibson. P-498T Zebra. Compare. Gibson. P-498T BK. Compare. Gibson. 490R NH Humbucker. Compare. Gibson. 57 Classic Plus GC. Compare * Prices include VAT plus Shipping costs. Offers are subject to avaialability. We do not accept any liability for printing errors and omissions. RRP=manufacturer's suggested retail price (8) Recently Viewed . iZotope Holiday Bundle . iZotope.
  2. Seymour Duncan SH4 JB Humbucker Pickup. $79.00. 4 x. $19.75. FREE Delivery by Thursday. Gibson Explorer Electric Guitar (with Case) $1,699.00. 18 x. 12 x. $141.58. 8 x. $212.38. FREE Delivery by Thursday. Fishman Fluence SS Single Width Pickup Active Guitar Pickup. $109.95. 4 x. $27.49. FREE Ground Shipping. SPECIAL OFFER. Line 6 Helix LT Modeling Electric Guitar Processor . $1,199.99. 18 x.
  3. Gibson 500t vs 498t Gibson 498T vs 500T Page 2 MarshallForum . So Im guessing 498 is similar to a JB? the 500T is ceramic. the 498 is alnico 5 or V magnet. the 500T does sound similar. it actualy to my ears (the ones i use anyway) sound like a 57 on steroids whereas the 498 sounds awesome but has a loose kaboose. i don't like the low end on the 498's. if they adjusted that about them they'd be.
  4. 06-05-2013 faible puissance micro guitare sh-4 - 13 messages bon je viens de recalbler mon 498T et la stupeur !!! le niveau est aussi en dessous du p90 phat cat.... Je ne comprend plus rien.. 06-05-2013 faible puissance micro guitare sh-4 - 13 messages Bonjour, je viens changer les micros de ma les paul (496R et 498T) j'ai mis un p90 phat cat en manche et un sh4 en chevalet (de duncan donc.
  5. Je rejoins Zebig sur les 498T des 90's, sur SG ou LP, j'avais trouvé ça brouillon, amorphe, et j'avais galéré pour trouver un bon remplaçant sur la LP (DiMarzio, puis SH4, puis Pearly Gates), sans jamais être pleinement satisfait. 14-06-2019 quel micros pour une Gibson SG ? - 69 messages . Jamais essayé les BKP, j'en entends beaucoup de bien, mais toutes les démos (de quasiment tous.
  6. Gibson P-498T NC. NOK 873. EMG 57/66 Set BK B-Stock. NOK 1,419. Seymour Duncan Psyclone Vintage Bridg B-Stock. NOK 1,185. Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday Set N B-Stock. NOK 2,899 . Seymour Duncan SH1B BLK B-Stock. NOK 749. 2 . Seymour Duncan APH-2S BK Slash Alnico B-Stock. NOK 2,089. Seymour Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rail Set Crea B-Stock. NOK 1,935 (6) Recently Viewed . Thomann DP-28 Plus . Digital Piano 88.

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  1. J'ai remplacé les mécaniques et le micro manche par un seymour duncan SH4 JB splitable en simple bobinage. Je n'ai pas d'idée de prix car la table est en érable ondé et les nouveaux modèles n'en ont pas.. Est-elle plus chère qu'une faded, l'année est-elle bonne? I hope!! Merci à tous. Pierre. 18-10-2012 Trouver le son slash - 91 messages . Le GRAS Gibson vient avant tout de l'Acajou.
  2. Masterbuilt in Germany. High Polish Cherry Red, top-of-the-line model. Seymour Duncan SH1 and SH4 pickups with split-coil access. AAA Flamed-Maple carved top, Swamp Ash body, one-piece-carved Ovangkol neck, tiger-striped ebony fretboard, 25.5 scale length. Traditional Custom mother-of-pearl inlays, 22 jumbo frets. Plek set-up. Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic bridge, locking tuners, Framus Germany.
  3. Gibson P-498T NC. 98 € Lollar Vintage T Bridge. 135 € Lollar 52 T Bridge. 135 € Produits avec les meilleurs commentaires. 100 . Seymour Duncan TB-4 BLK. 98 € 149 . Gibson 57 Classic Plus NC. 129 € 175,99 € 181 . EMG 60 BK. 85 € 163 . Gibson 57 Classic Vintage GC. 138 € 174,99 € 157 . EMG JH HET Set BC. 199 € 108 . Seymour Duncan SH-4 Zebra. 98 € 132 . Seymour Duncan.

Bridge pickup comparison: Burstbucker vs 498t vs JB vs

Video: Seymour Duncan JB vs Gibson 498T? tonal differences? [and

Les pickup ont été remplacé par un Gibson 498t au bridge et un Seymour Duncan jazz (SH-2n) au neck. Vient avec un étuit PRS. La guitare est en super état. Joue et sonne super bien. Je pourrais echangé pour une autre guitare ou ampli. Je pourrais aussi être intéressé par un Mac mini ou Macbook (possibilité de rajouter de l'argent si nécessaire). Gibson Fender PRS esp Ltd Ibanez. Hi, Up for sale is my Martin HD-28 VS Comes with a professionally installed Pickup and it's OHSC. Serial # is 1214206 making it a 2007(1,246 right hand HD28VS units made from 1996 to 2016). It is excellent condition and there is no marks, scratches or dings. This is a great guitar that was well cared for and that I unfortunately do not useI am definitely a lazy electric guitar player. 490's and 498ts get a bad rap. I learned a trick a few years back that the 490's and 498t sound better further from the string than closer. Generally most pickups sound better,hotter,etc closer too the strings but for whatever reason the 5 or so times I raised them it was worse sounding ala mush,muddy vs backing them down from the strings

Symore duncan JB-sh4 bridge & Jazz SH-2 matching set !!! Je parle francais !!! Favori. 200,00 $ Guitare cigar box & Fender Accoustique Longueuil/Rive Sud 25-septembre-20. cigare box homme made avec un Fender pickup neck et un P90 200$ et aussi une Guitare Fender semi-accoustic série California T-BUCKET-300 CE AMB en excellente condition 275$ payé 350+tx il y a environ 6 ou 7 mois Corde neuve. voilà je vous présente donc ma Gibson SG Special Faded je lui ai apporté quelques modifications pour la rendre à mon gout : - sticker Angus Young sur la tête

Gibson Burstbucker Pro vs

Seymour Duncan SH4 JB Model Humbucker Pickup - (Zebra) 4 I was always reluctant to replace my stock 490R/498T Gibson Standard Pickups. I finally did and I do not regret at all. I installed SH-2 on the neck with SH-4 on the bridge and songs really balanced, wide and big. The reason why I replaced my stock ones was that sometimes I hated the thin song of the 498T, so I decide to install the. ID3 TXXX major_brandM4V TXXX minor_version1TXXX compatible_brandsisomavc1mp42TSSE Lavf58.29.100ÿû Info V nì !$&)+.1369:=@BEHKMORTWZ\_acfiknqtux{}€ƒˆŠŒ. Can never go wrong with the Dimarzio Crunch lab or JC SH4. 56GT Senior Member. Joined Jul 19, 2012 Messages 3,374 Reaction score 3,485. Nov 22, 2012 #4 keep the stock pickups in the LP. pickup an Ibanez RG . Reactions: 1 person. KrymsinViking Senior Member. Joined Dec 7, 2010 Messages 143 Reaction score 55. Nov 22, 2012 #5 56GT said: keep the stock pickups in the LP. pickup an Ibanez RG Click. Seymour Duncan SH4 JB Model Humbucker Pickup - (Zebra) 4.7 out of 5 stars 221. $79.00. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. on my 2018 PRS SE Custom today and all I can say is I'm blown away as to how much difference there is in the tone vs the stock PRS pickups. Nice growl with definition. Installation was simple although the SD diagram for installing the pickup didnt match the guts of my.

9 humbuckers shootout: Burstbucker, JB, SSH+, HFS alnico 5

  1. Gibson P-498T NC. 369 AED. 82.76 € 48 . EMG KH20 Kirk Hammet. 859 AED. 192.24 € 32 . Gibson P-498T NC. 369 AED. 82.76 € Rank 1492 . 4 . Fishman Fluence Devin Townsend Set. 1,045 AED. 234.48 € Rank 21551 . 92 . Gibson 490R CC Humbucker Pickup. 419 AED. 93.97 € Rank 4158 . 35 . Seymour Duncan SHPR-1N BK. 459 AED. 103.45 € Rank 11539 . 25 . DiMarzio DP222 D Activator X Bridge WH. 354.
  2. Opinions: Gibson 490R and 498T Pickups The Gear Pag
  4. Gibson 500-T vs. Dirty Fingers vs. Duncan SH-6 Distortion ..

Seymour Duncan Guitar Pickups, Bass Pickups, Pedal

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